Hello again! How are you doing? Yesterday I posted the first article in this new section of my blog. If you have read it, you already know what I will be talking about in the following lines. If you have not, just go back to here in order to read more about who am I and what do I do. I am here today to officially introduce you my new project. As I have already said, despite my lovely relationship with Copenhagen, I am still very close to my home country, that’s why I have decided to devote some time to spread knowledge about it. I will be writing particularly about Treviso and Veneto region, but Italy and the Italian art and culture in general will be also taken into account. When possible, I will also try to make comparisons with Copenhagen, Denmark, and, why not, other countries that I have visited. The best part of the project, though, is that I will be sharing it with someone else. It had already been a while since I started to think about how to begin. One day, while I was searching the Internet, I stumbled upon an amazing blog about Treviso. From the very first moment I felt that the person behind it, must have had many things in common with me. I looked for more information, and I found her name: Valentina Facchin, a friendly and smiling girl in love with Treviso. I spent some time trying to figure out how could I introduce myself and my project to her. Then, one day, I sat at my desk and sent that e-mail. Just half an hour later I received a reply, an enthusiastic one. This is how our cooperation started, but I am not going to reveal you more, since I now turn it over to her, who will continue the story!



It was early December 2017, and my mind was already thinking of the next summer holidays: going back to Copenhagen, visiting Odense to taste the magical atmosphere of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales and then immerse myself in the wonderful Legoland world in Billund, when I receive an e-mail. Elena is a young lady from Treviso living in Copenhagen for a few years, and she has been guiding foreigners to the happiest and most environmentally friendly city in the world. But something else new comes up to her mind, "why don't showing Treviso to the Danes?".

A leap of blinding enthusiasm does not make me think twice and in my heart I had already accepted her offer. Although I have no clue how to support her stunning goal.

I'm Valentina, I founded Around & About Treviso in July 2013, when I was living in Cape Town, ZA. Over 10,000km away from my hometown urged me to tell people the beauty of my land, the extraordinary nature of my roots, describing myself through places, customs and traditions that have shaped myself for better or for worse.

To be honest, "A Spasso con Elena" had already caught my eyes, while peeping here and there other blogs. Intrigued by her expats life, wondering why she landed in Copenhagen. Fears and courage that led her to cross the home boarders. But on top of it why someone should choose to live in the cold and winter darkness?

And so I was looking forward to chatting with Elena. A few days after Christmas we catch up in Treviso. Between sips of hot ginger tea and stories of the north, sharing the same passion for travelling and curiosity for different cultures, we decide to start a cooperation. We will try to post a new article on the third Saturday of each month, but this is not a rule, so just stay tuned! Treviso is a small treasure to explore, a small as well as elegant walled city. It hides a number of secrets, facts and anecdotes that turn out to be unknown even to its own people. Based on that Elena and I fulfilled a list of peculiarities of Treviso and I will write you in depth about them.

But I'll tell you something, I act like a tourist in my hometown and looking for beauties and curiosities hidden in the roots of our land.

Next post will be published on Saturday, the 17th of February at 10am. We are looking forward to meeting you again next week to start discovering Treviso together!