Good morning, everybody! Today we are going to reveal you the origin of one of the most popular desserts in the world. We are talking about the elegant and generous Tiramisù. If you speak Italian, you will notice that this name is made of two words "tirami" and "sù", which refers to the action of "pulling up". Literally translated, it means "pull me up". That is what your kids beg you to do when they fall down while making their first steps, looking all moony-eyed at you. That is what savoiardi biscuits would shout at you, if they were alive. Not leaving them for too long in the coffee is actually one of the most important rule to follow, if you want to make a proper Tiramisù. The tips are countless, and some of them are secretly kept in the recipe holder. Making Tiramisù is an art that combines memories and traditions with innovation and creativity. All my Danish friends and colleagues love Tiramisù, nevertheless, the majority do not know who is its mother's home. Someone guesses it deals with Toscana, some others even doubt it is related to Italy. So while we wish to spread knowledge about our lovely hometown, we think that being aware of the culinary tradition is important to enjoy a total experience. This is why we will tell you more about the histoy of Tiramisù, today.

Valentina - Around & About Treviso:

A creamy dessert known worldwide and prepared in a number of different ways: this is the Tiramisù. Well, do you know where it was made for the very first time? Treviso (Northern Italy) claims to be its birthplace. Actually, Ristorante "Alle Beccherie" served it in the 60ies, when the owner Ada Campeol apparently needed a boost after the birth of her child. Layers of sponge fingers soaked in black coffee and a mixture of egg yolks, mascarpone cheese and sugar, dusted with bitter cocoa powder. This is the original recipe and my favourite of course.

Restaurant "Alle Beccherie" is located in the heart of Treviso, just a few steps away from Piazza dei Signori. Photo taken by Valentina Facchin.

In 2013 the Bristish Daily Telegraph dedicated an article to our dessert witnessing the popularity of our mouthwatering masterpiece. Since then several promotional activities have been put in place to support its roots, such as the very first Tiramisù World Cup taking place last November 2017 and I participated as judge. Passionate cooks or simple food lovers compete in creating the best or unusual Tiramisù by following the traditional recipe with six basic ingredients: ladyfingers savoiardi, mascarpone cheese, yolk eggs, cocoa powder and sugar or adding a touch of creativity with a maximum of other 3 ingredients in addition to 4 of the traditional version. I was really impressed by the event: a sort of "Taste Itinerary", where the leitmotif is the Tiramisù. Discovering history, art and tradition of our land through a simple but extraordinary spoon dessert. A fusion of flavors linked to cultural heritage of a territory. A great result that is planned to make the second edition in 2018.

Tiramisù made according to the original recipe at Restaurant "Alle Beccherie". Photo taken by the restaurant.

Another important step was taken lately at Ca' dei Carraresi in town. Every Friday afternoon anyone who has anecdotes, photos, memories or personal recipes related to the Tiramisù can go there and have a chat with the former owner of the restaurant "Le Beccherie", Carlo Campeol, son of Ada, who added the dessert in the restaurant menu in 1962. The recipe of the "Tiramisù delle Beccherie" was filed with notarial act by the Italian Academy of Cuisine on 15th October 2010. According to this, if you want the best place to taste the traditional Tiramisù in town, look no further than the restaurant "Le Beccherie".

Would you make Tiramisù by yourself with a touch of creativity in the selection of the ingredients? This is the recipe to follow!


We are looking forward to meeting you again next month with another revelation about Treviso!